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About usWe provide a relaxing, stress-free, yet professional environment. We use any combination of Swedish, deep tissue, and trigger point massage that gives you the relief you need as well as exercise instruction if you are interested. Our hands can locate the tightness/tension in soft tissue.

Our practice focuses:

* Treatment of orthopaedic issues, most frequently ones that are a result of athletics or poor posture at your desk or office work.

* Relaxation and wellness massage.

I am certified in orthopaedic massage and have extensive training in neuromuscular “trigger point” technique, myofascial release, sports massage, massage ethics and professionalism, and craniosacral work, as well as a strong foundation in Swedish and deep-tissue massage.


We work to support and encourage the well being and the good health of our Clients through the science, art and practice of massage therapy


To be a global health care leader by advancing the science and practice of massage therapy.

Core Values:

In supporting our members and serving our stakeholders, we are committed to the following core values:

* Integrity

* Accountability

* Collaboration

* Excellence

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