By Dr. Faisal Malik
Published on December 10, 2013

In a perfect world, choosing the right pillow would be easy; you would walk into a store and pick out a pillow made just for you. In the real world, it is a more difficult task. Finding the right pillow may seem challenging, but with a little advice, better sleep might just be around the corner.

Your sleeping position can influence the type of pillow you might want to use. Let’s review each sleeping position independently.

Best Side Sleeper Pillow 

If you are a side sleeper, find a pillow that ‘fills the gap’ between the surface of the bed and your head. This distance is about the same as the width of your shoulder. When you place your head on the pillow, your head should align horizontally with the rest of your body.

Best Cervical Neck Pillow 

If you are a back sleeper, find a pillow that fills the curve of your neck. This part is tricky and varies between pillows. Memory foam pillows usually have two bumps, one large and one small. Water pillows can be customized by adjusting the amount of water which in turn adjusts the pillow height. Other pillows may include various size risers. To ensure you are using the right pillow, place the pillow under the head and use your hand to assess the gap.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain 

Out of the three positions, stomach sleeping can cause the most amount of stress on the neck. This position extends the neck, putting more pressure on the muscles and the base of the neck. This can cause muscle irritation, which can refer pain and cause headaches. If you are a chronic stomach sleeper, try using a body pillow to help position your body in a side position. This will help ease the tension in your neck and provide you with a more restful sleep!


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