Massage Therapy will Elevate your Mood

Lonely-man-000082617345_Large-1024x683Integrating Massage Therapy into your schedule as regular health maintenance has enormous benefits on  the body and the mind, including elevating your mood. During a Canadian winter, many people complain of suffering higher levels of depression and feeling lethargic, commonly known as ‘Winter Blues”  Regular Massage Therapy can improve your mood and decrease overall nervous system firing, resulting in better sleep and more energy.  Massage Therapy helps our bodies react to most negative influences whether it is anxieties, disorders or bad weather.

bookOnlineAs you look at the sad man in the photo above and you think of the last massage you received, you will realize and remember that you feel great every time you have Massage Therapy.  When you feel great after a massage your nervous system firing is down and when your nervous system firing is down, your energy is up, when you energy is up, you will feel like spending a few more minutes outside and when you spend a few more minutes outside, you will enjoy breathing in the fresh winter air, breathing in the fresh winter air will clear your head, when your head is clear you will let your anxieties and stress go, when you let your stresses go, you start to feel gratitude for the good things in your life, when you start to feel gratitude for the good things in your life, you will start to even feel gratitude for a chilly Eastern Ontario winter, when you start showing gratitude for a chilly winter you will start to think you have gone crazy and will think back to earlier in the day when you had a fantastic Massage at Stephenson Massage Therapy, when you think back to your Massage at Stephenson Massage Therapy you will naturally realize it was the best decision of your day

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