As you browse through our blog, take a moment and think about your posture as you sit in front of your computer or on your phone. As you learned from our doctors, poor posture is one of the many causes of subluxations, stuck or displaced vertebrae, which place pressure on your nerves. Subluxations can result in pain, imbalance, fatigue and a lower resistance to disease.

A study published in by the American Psychological Association brought to light other affects that poor posture can have on your stress responses as well. 74 participants were directed to sit in either a slumped or upright position, after being told a false story of the purpose of the study, before completing multiple tests and assessments.

The study found that individuals who were seated in an upright position reported having a better mood and higher self-esteem than those who were seated in a slouched position.  Those who sat with poor posture used more negative words, used fewer positive emotive words, and less words in total when they were tested. The study concluded that sitting upright may be a simple behaviour strategy that will strengthen your response to stress.[1]

The researchers have suggested that the group who was seated upright exhibited increased physiological arousal, leading them to be less susceptible to stress and helplessness. Scientists are now using the term “embodied cognition” to describe the relationship between the body and the mind, and how bodily experiences, such as poor posture, can affect emotional states.[2]

Regular chiropractic adjustments can effectively reverse the effects of poor posture, traumas and falls, and stress by safely eliminating interference from your nervous system. In doing so, the body can heal itself, and paired with a healthy diet and regular exercise you can improve your overall health exponentially.[3]




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