The Benefits of Massage for Children with Autism InfographicAccording to the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, current estimated cases of autism range from one in every 1,000 to one in every 500. Theories suggest vaccines are responsible, but there is growing concern that environmental toxins and pollution may be contributing factors. It is also theorized that nutrition, viral infections, immunizations, and antibiotics may be causal aspects as well.

People speak in terms of children “developing” autism, but new research cited by the Autism Society of America suggest genetic ties — that the disorder is present prenatal.  An autism symptom will usually appear before the age of three, at which age a formal diagnosis can be made.  Because an autism characteristic can be any combination of insufficiencies in language, social communication, and cognition, autism is difficult to diagnose before normal development in these areas would usually occur.

The therapeutic method of massage is increasingly employed for autistic children. Many therapists and parents are finding good results with this treatment. Autistic children react positively to massage. The elusive connection between an autistic child and parent is established via massage because the child loves the attention and touch of the parent. Massage also soothes and de-stresses the child.massagelogo

The primary benefit that massage provides to autistic children is relaxation. Enabling the child to relax can provide many perks. Relaxation can combat fatigue and anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, improve energy levels, sleep, creative ability, and the thinking process. After a soothing massage, autistic children have shown more focus and are less high strung. While there is no known cure-all for autism, massage provides a complementary treatment to Western medicine; calming the patient and potentially helping the parent connect with and care for their child.


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